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Thread: Where is This?

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    Okay, here is the next one - tell me where Dave is and don't say "on the tower."
    Appreciate everyone who has ever come into your life- for some come in as a blessing and others come in as a lesson.

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    Well hopefully today, Dave is at home staying warm and dry....

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    On his way to work at the invisible fire tower?

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    Fire danger is low today, eh?
    Appreciate everyone who has ever come into your life- for some come in as a blessing and others come in as a lesson.

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    Andy, you know this one, right?
    Appreciate everyone who has ever come into your life- for some come in as a blessing and others come in as a lesson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msteelee View Post
    Andy, you know this one, right?
    I've been there, but I don't have any more pics to post, maybe after all this rain stops I can restock...

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    Default I've been there too.

    I too don't have any pictures and when I do it's a PIA to upload them. Sorry
    Happy Trails!

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    Default 93 so far...

    Maybe this list will help avoid duplicates. We've only done that 3 times so far! This thread has been so fun!

    1 GC2414 Fort Point deLight
    2 GCG5RH Barrows Falls
    3 GCGWJ9 Babbling Brook Cache
    4 GC8A65 Quoddy Quandry
    5 GCK3PE Boot Head Cache
    6 GCWV2B Shoestring Cache
    7 GCJM2B Moxie Trail Crossing
    8 GC9488 Gravity Outlaw
    9 GC4E33 Pineo Ridge Placement
    10 GCGHK0 You Gotta See This
    11 GCKH4G A Maine Man's Point
    12 GCG6Z9 Saco Heath Preserve
    13 GCQ64V Barred Island (almost) Cache
    14 GCQ5J8 Brownville Slate Quarry Cache
    15 GCQ5M8 Monhegan Moonwatch
    16 GCR618 Under the Waterfall
    17 GCHDC1 Herrick Bay Surprise
    18 GCGD6Q Critter Cache
    19 GC2533 Hemlock
    20 GCGD3V I'm Fond of Great Pond
    21 GCR7K1 Welcome to Bigrock
    22 GCQ8TC Indian Pond Underwater Railroad
    23 GCJWWT Lower Garden Falls
    24 GCJGRK Bellamy's Treasure
    25 GCGH7R Mountain Division Trail
    26 GCPC9P Mooselook
    27 GCPPEM Strawberry Creek Fairies
    28 GCQ39J Cathance River Walk
    29 GC4E55 Frenchman's Hole
    30 GCZMMH Pumpkin Island Light
    31 GCWDVD One Room School House
    32 GC2A46 We don't need no education
    33 GC311E Norway Bluff
    34 GCK7BK Waterfalls
    35 GCKWOZ Boat Ramp Cache
    36 GC7C4E Pettengill Farm Cache
    37 GCW9BA Rest in Peace #3
    38 GCP9M9 Fort Cache
    39 GCGVPX Non Sibi Sed Omnibus
    40 GC6917 Bradbury
    41 GCVQ27 Woolwich Fish Ladders
    42 GC1829 Bemis
    43 GCPJV3 A.K.A. The Beast
    44 GCMD52 Trestle Trove
    45 GCVBAB Schooner Trail Lookout
    46 GC169C Pleasant Surprise
    47 GCJVNZ Two Lights Challenge
    48 GC2414 Fort Point deLight
    49 GCZ5FP Diabase Dikes-Schoodic Point
    50 GCPETB "Gorge"ous
    51 GCQHPQ Michael & Tim's First Millinocket Cache
    52 GC5600 Rip Dam Rockslide
    53 GCQH5Q Bear Mtn Ledge Cache
    54 GCPPTC Knowlton Mills
    55 GCJ8JE Mainely Memories Cache
    56 GCYFNP Branch Pond Boat Landing Cache
    57 GCJA1B Pontiac Silver Streak
    58 GC8D2A A Mile From Halfmile
    59 GC16C4 Barter's Outsmarter
    60 GCZVN5 Caterpillar Hill- Maine Rose Series
    61 GCGN5W The Path Less Traveled
    62 GCJRHJ Cash Cache
    63 GC14A8 N1SDR's
    64 GCKA2C Salt Bay Cache
    65 GCH70F Cora F. Cressy
    66 GCP2PE Low's Bridge
    67 GC67D4 Tumbledown Challenge
    68 GCXH94 Phish Tree Walkway @ Loring
    69 GC5337 Wyman View
    70 GCY1RF The Big Victory at Little Omaha
    71 GCGGXG EaglEyeStash
    72 GCW9BA Rest in Peace #3
    73 GCPJEW Raccoon Beach Cache
    74 GCGNP7 Songo Locks Cache
    75 GCGPXG Hunter's Beach Hunt
    76 GCWZTQ 101 Dalmations #89 Fido
    77 GCR18W Blue's Cache
    78 GCQE6T Time Takes it's Toll
    79 GCVB90 Burnt Meadow Mountain
    80 GCJ4V4 Plane Down - F101B Voodoo-57-0405
    81 GCR6KN 18392
    82 GCGRRC Au Revoir
    83 GCMT72 Gimmie Shelter
    84 GCGZ6M One for the Loafers
    85 GCYH2Q Big Cedar
    86 GCWYZE A Little Slice of Heaven
    87 GCGD6X Born on the Fourth of July
    88 GC98BA Watch your Step
    89 GC274C Roque Rocks
    90 GC9488 Gravity Outlaw
    91 GC107GY Slow Down, Enjoy Life & a View
    92 GCJ8BR Parks Pond Bluff
    93 GCNVY7 Pond on the Mountain-Nordic Heritage Ctr
    94 GCJFZR French's Mountain
    95 GCX7MP 101 Dalmations #59 Sam
    96 GC5176 Ebeneezer's Stash

    Anyone want to hot link these???
    If you want to try cross country skiing, start with a small country

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    I'd even be up for repeats as long as the picture was different from the first posted one, maybe from that spot nobody else approached from...

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    Hey PJ that took a lot of work to go through and do that and I appreciate that. I never thought that when I first started this thread there would be the problem with running out of photos to post. I guess that is a good thing as it caused a lot of interest and posts. I too am running low on good photos but with almost 10 gigs of pics on my computer I'm sure I can come up with many more to keep things going. Like I have mentioned in previous posts I use Photobucket to store any of my photos that I use to post on here,it is so easy as you are given the code to upload and everything. It's not a PIA at all as Brad mentions... and only takes a couple of minutes. I also use Windows Power Toys Image resizer to make them small for not only you guys but also for myself as being on dial-up is a royal PI the A__... as Brad mentioned.... I hope that this thread has indeed made it easier for others to see what a great state we live in and make everyone want to get out and enjoy what geocaching has to offer.
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