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Thread: Is it coming to this?

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    Educating cache placers would be the bast option, but we could also help avoid this problem if we could obtain the boundaries of these areas and let GPSFun aware of them. Perhaps someone should see if they could find out who to contact. If we could even get a rough map with the property lines, I could digitize them so we could extract coordinates from it.

    It's not foolproof, but it's better than hoping someone catches it before it causes problems.

    Some of these area are harder to keep track of, like the National Wildlife Refuge, because some caches have been allowed there.
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    I agree with all of you. Author you said it plain and simple. I couldn't have said it better. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. I live in a beautiful area with a mountain park, and there are some good cache's up there, but for some reason there are a couple people who put out way too many micros. Everytime I want to make a day of it, it is very hard to find a regular cache that would be interesting, and that I would not feel like I was doing something sneaky. I hope a lot of people read this thread just to see how others feel about what they do. This sport is not about the numbers. For me it is about learning about places I've never seen or knew about and getting a surprise at the end. Also more kids would stay involved if there were better cache's out there. They hate micros. They won't even go with me if there is a micro in the plan. I really started this to get them out and away from the TV and video games. I love the family time, and this is getting harder. Thanks for listening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brdad View Post
    Educating cache placers would be the best option, but we could also help avoid this problem if we could obtain the boundaries of these areas and let GPSFun be aware of them.
    GPSfun was aware of this one problem because he was the one to bring about the archiving of the 2 previous caches there but with all the caches that he has to approve it probably just got by him. It is hard sometimes to be aware of all the places that might be in jeopardy for placing caches and I don't fault either the cache hider who is a newbie or the reviewer. It was a members only cache as well so it probably wouldn't have gotten the traffic a regular cache might have gotten . I don't want to single out the cache owner
    but from all this description you might have figured out which cache I am referring to. I recognized the name in the cache and then responded to the owner about it. They were quite receptive and even went so far as again getting in touch with the Fish and Wildlife dept for permission but were refused once again. I guess they thought it would be too much of a disturbance to other fisherman in the area.

    Maybe this would be a good instance where we could get in touch with Fish and Wildlife and help better explain geocaching to them and get them to read our mission statement. Might do some good and certainly can't hurt. I really couldn't see where a geocache in that area would harm anything but what do I know. I was just fortunate enough to let the hider know and we certainly don't need any bad publicity from geocaching now do we?

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    dave1976 : This is how it starts and then the future of caching get dark. I guess I wont run right out and buy that 60csx.

    Nah - It'll just go semi-underground and become even more fun, with people focused more on enjoying every cache they can even get the coordinates to, rather than "How many guard-rails can I visit on my way to Grandma's house".

    Of course, that probably won't do Groundspeak much good.
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