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    On Sunday the 4th of February, 2007, I was informed , by email, that a log on my recently published geocache, "Deliverys Out Back" had a request to Archive.
    After reading the post and checking the other logs on the caches web page, I was infromed that the Portsmouth Police department had confiscated the cache.
    Being the type of person I am, I quicky responed by making a STUPID post in the forums, and sounding like a ranting child.
    I was not aware, at that time, how serious my mistake was.
    I was wrong for that post and wrong in assuming that the Police department had blown everything out of proportion.
    I was wrong in assuming that I could place a cache where I did.
    Rules are rules and, as with EVERY GAME, there are rules. If you break the rules, you get penalized.
    I broke the rules, I got penalized.
    With experience comes knowledge.
    Live and learn.
    I have done several interviews and in each one I have expressed my regret for making the mistake I made. I simply didnt follow the rules!

    I archived/disabeled all of my caches so that I could review them or archive them for good.
    The ones that I felt didnt follow the rules were then archived and I went to retrive them.
    My very first cache that I placed, "Bass Chaz #1 Cache" was missing.
    I went to the forums and found a thread that had pictures of where the cache was, and I assume that someone took it upon themselves to remove the container on their own.
    This is theft.
    This is also a game..
    I would like to have the log of this cache as a momento and reminder..
    Thank you to those who have sent me emails in support and thank you to all the others for a lesson I would have learned sooner or later.
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    Very well stated. Thanks for posting in

    Will make a good object lesson for other cachers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhereRWe? View Post
    Very well stated. Thanks for posting in

    Will make a good object lesson for other cachers.

    Indeed ,as I have been following this since it all began. I commend you Bass-Chaz for taking the initiative and apologizing for your mistakes and we can surely learn a lot from this and hope that you have as well. I think any responsible cacher who reads about this will hopefully now take a better look at their own cache placements and be able to make better judgements as to where they place them. Thanks
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    Nicely stated. Let's hope others can learn from this.

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