I received an email notification from GC.com this morning regarding one of my TB’s that was logged into a TB graveyard cache out in the middle of the Atlantic ocean today. http://http://www.geocaching.com/see...5-d4a659ac862d I went to look up the profile of the person who supposedly put it there and they just signed up yesterday on GC.com An apparent “newbie” w/ no logs, no finds, nothing.
They go by the name of tbclean. Their profile is empty w/ no information except for an email address. He/She deletes their log entries after they log a TB in this graveyard. I put this cache on my watchlist and moments after I did that another geocacher posted a note on their TB cache page that their TB had just been logged into this same TB Graveyard by the same cacher, “tbclean”. He/she deleted that log too.
If this person placed my TB in this graveyard cache, then they obviously had the TB tag number even if there was nothing attached to the tag. I would have thought that they would have contacted me first and asked me if I wanted the tag back before logging it in a graveyard cache. This is what a responsible cacher would do and my conscience would tell me to do. I mean how expensive is it to throw a TB tag in an envelope and put a $.39 stamp on it and mail it back to the owner?
There is something fishy here and I think we are dealing w/ a sockpuppet acct. that wants to play games. They obviously know what they are doing. I sent them an email but have recieved no reply yet and the other cacher has not heard from them either. Coincidently both of our TB’s were last seen in caches within 11 miles of eachother.

I keep an excel spreadsheet of all the TB’s I have ever found and also their TB #’s.
I do this only because in the past I’ve had geocachers pick up TB’s and immediately place in another cache and forgot to write down the number. And then they contacted me and asked me if I could give them the number.
So technically if I wanted to play games I could go through my list and randomly pick out TB’s and log them into graveyard caches just to irk people off. Its not rocket science.

TB’s that go missing should only be able to be logged into these graveyard caches by the owner of the TB or a cache approver from GC.com via its activation number.

Isn’t it my decision to decide if my TB has been missing too long and when and where I should bury it?