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    I wanted to take a moment to express what a wonderful year this has been for me. How getting to know so many of you out there personally has enriched my caching experiance. Some of it through events, some from caching together, and some from camping and caching . If next year is half as great then I'll be happy again. Yes it was nice to see so many on the group chat last Wednesday night. It shows me we are alive and strong as a group. I look forward to seeing most of you at the next get together assuming one gets scheduled. I WILL throw one if no one steps up before early spring. I would prefer one to happen down south a little farther, say Waterville or Augusta area. More central to the population base. I personally wouldn't mind the hour drive. Some of us could even ride down together I do now however need to go finish my shopping.
    I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas. Or whatever other seasonal festival you partake in.(To numerous to list)

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    Mainiac -

    I hope to have an event set up for the Waterville/Winslow area in the next week or so. I've been discussing with Parmachenee, who has offered to help. We're tentatively looking at Jan 22.

    As soon as the holidays are over...

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    Thumbs up I agree!

    I have had a fantastic time caching this year and have especially enjoyed the opportunity to meet such great people. I have been able to rekindle old friendships, as well as establish new ones. There has been lots of smiles, laughter, fun, and great times spent at events and looking for caches. It is nice to now be able to recognize cachers names in logs and to even know the owners of some. What a great hobby - this has taken the #1 place on my ever-growing list of obsessions.

    Thanks to all for making it special !
    I look forward to what 2005 will bring !!!

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