Sometime during the next week (between the 5th and the 9th) we will be moving the web site to a new server. We will be the proud owners of our own server. This is a big step for us and a scary step, but in the long run it will be worth it.

I have never done a move of this volume before and I can not say how long it should take. I would think not more then one day if everything goes well. The longest delay in getting the site back online will be waiting for the domain pointers to point to the new server. The worst case scenario is two days, but I have never had one take more then one day before.

I will post something as soon as I know when we are doing it. Right now the server is being sent to the data center Wednesday and we are hoping it will be put online and ready sometime Friday if all goes well, then we can start the process at the beginning on next week.

For those interested in what we are moving to the stats are listed below. We decided to play around with the small stuff and went for the gusto so to speak.

4x 2048MB Memory giving us a total of 8GB of memory
4x 250GB 16MB hard drive setup as raid 10
1x 250GB 16MB as a backup drive
1x 250GB 16MB as a spare drive