Well, based on that...

There are many in Portland, but among those that I'd consider of special interest to someone from away:

Liberty Ships at Bug Light (GC512E) by C5B (2/1)
The Fort Williams Cache (GC128) by Richard Amirault (adopted by kayakerinme) (1/1.5)
We don't need no education (GC2A46) by khali1 (adopted by TeamHorwich) (2.5/1.5)

And working my way up the coast..

What in the World Cache? (GC6D43) by Ghosthunter (1/1)
Thorne Head Challenge (GCGZHC) by Ye Olde Prospector (3/3)
Shell Game (GCG6Y2) by IntotheWoods (1.5/1.5)
Beech Hill Cache (GCJD3Z) by luvweather (1.5/2.5)
Patty's Mount Battie (GCC0E) by Patty-G / CCC / JF (1.5/2)
Gravity Outlaw (GC9488) by quietbert (1.5/1.5)
Summer Rental (GCWV11) by ImKukie (1/1)
The Narrows (GCZW5X) by parmachenee (2/2.5)

That's gets you up to Bucksport, I'll see what I can come up for the rest later.