1. I've been fumbling and poking through my GPS trying to figure it out. I think I have it figured out enough to use it. It's a Magellan eXplorist 210. It came with topo map software. I prompty uploaded Maine to my GPS and loved all the features. The extra information was helpful while looking for my first two. The next time I used the GPS the map information had been "dumped"?? from the GPS memory. All that remained was the map information preloaded from the company. My POI's and Geocache points where still saved. Any Magellan users have any ideas? Did I push a button that I should not have pushed? Do I have a messed up unit? I don't want to get out in the woods and have the unit "dump" info.

2. I believe that I now have my wife hooked on geocashing. She has now set up an account on geocashing.com. Most of the time we will be hunting together. Is it ok for both of us to post a find if we found it together?

Thanks for your help! I'm sure that I will have more.