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Thread: Happy March 17th Everyone!

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    Default Yeah that was the one.

    Quote Originally Posted by firefighterjake View Post
    Well if it's the one I helped to inspect a week or so ago I hope they got the hood system ducted up correctly . . . when our senior inspector told them what they needed to do to comply with the code I thought the guy was going to break down and start crying . . . of course it could be the other Irish pub right across the way (hmmm . . . it appears as though Irish Pubs are becoming as common as mushrooms, pizza places and Chinese Restaurants. )
    I was there all last week so I'm suprised I didn't see you. All the items in question had been gone over previously and then it seemed like things changed. Or so I was told. Everything seems to have gotten worked out now. We are going to be completing the work as requested tomorrow or Thursday. A great pub, with good food.
    Happy Trails!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiram357 View Post
    room temp for 36 -48 hours?? not refrigerated? When you cook the meat, do you bring the water to a boil and then turn it down and let the meat simmer in it? (or do you use a slow cooker?) and when you cook the meat do you add anything to the water that you're using to cook the meat?
    I rarely eat red meat these days....when I did a good corned beef was at the top of the list...we used to make our own in a big croak.To make a boiled dinner I use a cast iron dutch oven..get it good and the meat in the empty kettle and sear it all over...add just enough cold water to cover....slowly boil adding all the spice's...then later add the vegie's...Hmm Hmm good.

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