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Thread: Hiram's Believe it or not... (GARMINS RULE!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolclay View Post
    After schools out lol, I've been wicked busy (as usual) and low on funds=gas . But I am staying for graduation this year, so I'll have a week of nothing to do except pack before graduation, so I will be out nabbing a bunch then. I am not graduating this year in case you are wondering I still have one more to go.
    I see you've been busy with the maple trees, made front page of the paper too, hauling a bucket behind ya in the snow.
    Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brdad View Post
    I think she means people have promoted Garmin so much to her that she does the same to everyone she talks to.
    AHHHH. I didn't mean anything by that, thank you for explaining. With all the teasing... I have a friend that just bought a Magellan and I told her she got the wrong one. Her's is for driving navigation and she loves it.
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