1. Go to the Trillian website by clicking the link above.
2. Click the Download button
3. Click the Download Now button on the next page.
4. Save the file to a place you will remember, like the desktop.
5. Open and install Trillian, entering any information when asked.
6. Click Launch
7. Click Trillian Basic
8. Type your Geocaching name in the nickname box and choose an icon to use, and then click the Next button.

9. Select which chat programs you will be using Trillian for. For these instructions I am only covering IRC chat. Click the Next button.

10. On the "Thank you for choosing Trillian" screen, click OK. Trillian should start up in a small window.
11. Click Trillian .... Connections ... Manage my Connections.

12. Click the Add a new connection button, then click IRC.

13. In the top box, type Slashnet.
In the next box, type (two colons)
In the next box, type you Geocaching name.
In the next box, type your real name.
The last box is left blank
Check the option box labeled Automatically connect to this account at startup.

14. Click the Change button.
Check the Perform Buffer checkbox
Type /join #geocachingmaine in the Perform Buffer text box.
Click the Save Settings Button.

15. Click the close button on the preferences screen.
16. Exit out of Trillian and restart it. It should connect, and after a few seconds, a window should open up with the geocachingmaine chat! Mine opened up tiny, if yours does as well, it will have to be resized.

17. Resize as desired and chat away!