1. Go to the mIRC website by clicking the link above.
2. Click the Download mIRC link in the left column
3. Click one the download links on that page.
4. Save the file to a place you will remember, like the desktop.
5. Open the file to install mIRC, entering any information when asked.

6. Start mIRC. An options window should open up. Fill out the Connect section as follows, using the image below for reference:
Full Name: A name of your choosing; This is publicly available, so you may not want to use your full name
Email Address: Again, this is public, so you may not want to use your real email address.
Nickname:Type your Geocaching name in here.
Alternative:If IRC cannot connect using the name above, it will use this one as an alternative.
Leave everything else as in the image below.

7. Click on Options on the left side of the window And make the selections shown in the image below.

8. Click Servers on the left column. Scroll down the list until you get to Slashnet.org. Double click that and then click Random server just below to highlight it. Now click the select button.

9. You should have been brought back to Connect options, and the server should be listed as Slashnet: Random server now.

10. Click the Connect to server button. Wait a few seconds as mIRC connects, a bunch of information will be listed as it does. Once it is connected, the mIRC favorites window should pop up. Click the Add button.

11. Fill that window out as the image below shows. Don't forget to check the Join on connect option! Click the OK button.

12. You should be back to the mIRC favorites window. Unckeck the Pop up favorites on connect option. Make sure #geocachingmaine is highlighted on the list, and then click the Join button.

You should be in Geocaching Maine chat! If you set everything up correctly, when you start mIRC the next time, mIRC should connect to the server automatically and then join the #geocachingmaine channel using your user name. How easy is that?