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    Talking 2005

    OK, I will ask the infamous question.....What are your resolutions for 2005?

    Here is one of mine that I identified today. I was looking through my list of cache activity and noticed that I had claimed the Nestle Trestle as a find. I remember that I didn't actually find the blasted thing because it disappeared before I went to it. Because I had confirmed with a couple of people the exact location of the cache AND there were many pieces of plastic that might have been considered part of a container, I guess I decided (though I don't remember it) that I should be able to call it a find. Understand, I was a VERY green cacher back then - only a few months under my belt and I hadn't yet found Old 470 - that experience has changed my life - hehehehe!. Now I certainly know better and am horrified at my poor judgment. Today I changed it to a DNF.

    So, my resolution? To stay on the up and up with my finds and DNF's and to swear under oath that I will whole-heartedly follow the geocachers code of ethics. Actually, my caching resolution for 2005 is to get out as much as possible and to enjoy each experience.

    Well, and to drink more water, too - LOL.

    I have a few more resolutions, too, but I will keep those to myself

    Hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve and Day in store and that 2005 is all that you want it to be!
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    My resolution is to place more caches. I'm thinking of trying to keep a "ready made" cache or two in the car to place when I see a likely spot. I note that there are a lot of "dead zones" as far as caches are concerned, and there is still a LOT of Maine scenery to highlight with the added attraction of a cache.

    BUT NO FILM CAN MICROS!!!!! Sheesh!

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    Default New geocachers

    I don't have any particular resolutions...I just keep rolling along, enjoying the company and getting the chance to enjoy another day. I have noticed in reading recent caching logs that there are many new cachers with new gps's who have found their first caches since Christmas. I think we should take the opportunity to email these new cachers and encourage them in "our" sport and make them aware of I can remember my first cache on Christmas Day of 2002 and how excited I was that it "actually worked!" I didn't need further encouragement, but it would be a nice gesture to welcome these new "addicts."

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