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Thread: Another fun adventure...

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    P.S. Hiram . . . I guess I'm kind of glad I won the rock, paper, scissors contest the other day!
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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighterjake View Post
    You're not kidding . . . the worse vehicle I ever owned was my 1993 Jeep Wrangler. I am honest when I say I was not overly rough on it . . . I did go on some back roads, but we're talking simple gravel roads, nothing overly difficult . . . and yet in the course of my ownership I ended up with two broken motor mounts, the windshield wiper motor died (whoever has had a wiper motor die . . . incidentally, I had to change that one out in middle of January outside which wasn't a lot of fun and in the process I put the motor in the wrong way so the wipers were pointed up when the wipers were "off" instead of down in the "off" position), the tires always wore down very quickly (probably due to the short wheelbase), there was a host of other issues which I've forgotten about and the kicker was my engine blowing up while driving along at 45 mph or so (EMF's "Unbelievable" was playing on my stereo and I'll never forget pulling over and looking back at the oil streak and various small metal parts in the road and thinking, "Yup, pretty unbelievable.")

    To make matters worse, the engine was out of warranty (I bought it second-hand) even though there was only something like 30,000 miles or so on it, I ended up buying an extended warranty for a price that was only slightly less outrageous than the cost of paying for a new engine outright, it took over a month to get the Jeep repaired and in the process the shop ended up damaging one of my doors when they put it on the lift with the door open and it ended up scrunching it.

    I ended up selling that Jeep to some teacher tech out in the Winslow-Fairfield area. I saw it kicking around for awhile . . . and for all I know it may still be out there. It had a KC lightbar on the top, was red (except for the silly string that was permanently fused on to the black hard top from my wedding day thanks to my wife's friends) and had wipers pointing up -- it truly was one of a kind.

    Needless to say, my Jeep experience was less than stellar (although I must confess I did love having the top off the Jeep on those blistering hot summer days) . . . which is why my next vehicle (and present vehicle) is a much more reliable Toyota 4Runner that has had zero repair issues to date. I will never buy another Jeep product . . . and I've not overly excited about Chrysler products (although I do like the styling.)

    Well it's just like any other car, some cars never have problems, some cars are just doomed from the start. (especially if I own them) I had a cutlas sierra that I use to jump irrigation ditches with and with the exception of replacing the radiator (once or twice...) that car just wouldnt die, and then after that car I had a ford probe that makes your wrangler look like a low maintenence vehicle. With all the modification butchering and abuse that my poor jeep takes, it stands up pretty well (ya can't expect to not have something go wrong) The last truck I had was a 94 sonoma that got beat just as hard as the jeep (it even put out a grassfire in a corn field that somehow got started by some old navy flares... that's a pretty long story though...) but i never had any problems with the truck until it just started getting old. And once a vehicle gets old it just need more and more attention...(money)
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