kayakerinme and I headed to New Hampshire yesterday to attend the event, in memeory of LandRocket. Caching during the day with Foxgloves, we grabbed a few caches, one of which took us to Castle in the Clouds, which was a great place to view Lake Winnepasaukee. The Falls below were just gorgeous and well worth the long hike. But the real story was the nighttime activities. There were probally 50 or so at the dinner for the 6:30 buffet and stories to be shared of Ron. Chris his son was there and alot of familiar names that called Ron a friend. 8:00 pm and the race was on for the REAL festivities. Night caching LandRocket style. 8 new caches to be found, from micros to " fire tack " walks in the woods. The 3 of us started out and quickly picked up a NH cacher Jim who was pleased to tag along. Foxgloves had the first FTF and I had the 2nd. Then it was time to do Jim's 1.25 mile walk in the woods. We found the parking spot and headed into the woods, now there were 6 of us. Following the sparkling " fire tacks" ( with LED flashlights they are barely visible ). Still the walk under a clear and almost full moon was magical. You almost knew Ron was watching us from above. We found the cache and had to have a code to unlock the ammo can. Luckily we had done things right, (remember we had the cache owner with us) and logged the cache around 11:00pm, I think. Time now to head back east towards Maine. Picking up a few more caches before leaving NH, the last logged find was 12:02am April 1st. Home for me was just after 2am. A very long day, a milestone cache, and a ton of stories. Thanks Foxgloves and kayakerinme, for going along for the ride. I will remember this event and the night caching " LandRocket style " for a very long time. I wonder if Jim's wife will believe the stories he is telling her?