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Thread: Night Caching Event in NH

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    Default relax!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaching Karen View Post
    I will not drive in a H2.
    You don't have to drive, you can sit back, relax, and ride along.

    I'm only afraid it wouldn't fit on some of those backwoods roads.
    Why not live life like it is your last day....instead of pretending to be a member of the Peter Pan Club and believing you will be around forever.

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    Wow - I will try to drive, steer, paddle and/or try to navigate anything with controls which someone will train me on and that I think can conquer the path ahead........whow, I am bad. I would even love to learn to fly (darn my mother would never let me take flight lessons!)!

    Yellow isn't a color for my vehicles but give it to me and I might be tempted! LOL

    Agreed, a vehicle must fit the access space or path to goal.......some mechanical devices make it - some do not.......

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