As many of you know, I travel occasionally for work. During the last two weeks, I’ve been to Missouri and Colombia.

I went to Missouri with a coworker. On the way into work one day, he started laughing when we passed by a field full of cows. I asked: “What’s so funny?” He said he heard a news report about a study that has just been completed that found cows chewing cud produce enough methane gas to account for 4% of the emissions creating global warming. The cute young anchor woman added, “just think how much more they’d find if they looked at the other end!” We both laughed.

When I travel, I always try to make the best of every opportunity. Most of the time, I try to get done and go Geocaching. There is almost always something unbelievable just around the corner. Colombia is a little different though. There are not many caches there (6 at the moment) but the people are always friendly and love to have fun. The project work did not take long (fortunately) and I was left with almost a whole day to do nothing. The factory owner offered to take me to the mountains! He also invited the aunt of the production manager (she lived in LA for over 20 years and spoke perfect English)

When we got to the mountains, my customer offered to take us horse back riding. I had never been but always wanted to. As I got on my horse, the horse let out a little gas. I don’t think either of them noticed. But, as we started up the trail, the horse kept letting out a little gas. One step, one more little escape of gas. The aunt was right behind me. After about 10 steps, she was laughing. The customer was laughing. I told the aunt about the study. I’m not sure which was more funny, the English version or the Spanish version.