The reason we are thinking of doing a pig roast again is because with a pig there is not a lot of standing around over the open grill cooking all day. You do not have to be a slave to the grill. With a pig you start it real early in the morning and don't have do anything until it is done. It is like one of those info commercials. You set it and forget it. I know Donna and I do not want to be slaving over a grill all day. we also do not want to have a bring your own (although anyone can) or a pot luck because that we we will not have to worry about others brining enough food and who is going to bring what.

We can fine tune all this as we get closer. I also wanted to make the announcement so no one else would plan an event for the 16th of June as we do it this weekend every year. So now we need to hope for the same type of weather we had last year.