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Thread: Caches in Waterville

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    Moe's Mountain is definitely a nice cache near China Lake - if you are going there - do some mapping........there are loads of 1.5 caches in the area and many you can do in a loop. I think one day I took a friend back to that area we got over 18 in a very easy day, fun too.

    It's not about the numbers but Snow White series runs around Moe's Mountain cache (you go right by it), the Humming Birds and the Three Bears as well as others.

    We are fortunate to have cachers in that area who have put out some fun series. If you go to Moe's do look for the Mardi Gras beads everywhere - I am tempted to take some the next time in the area and add to the collection. Almost makes me wished I had know Moe.

    Have a great visit!

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    The Hanson Road Explorers have put out a lot of great caches in the China Area. As Hollora mentioned many are quick grabs and some are very clever in their hides (quite a few of the hummingbird caches in particular.)
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