As the beta tester for a geocaching program called Watcher, I felt the need to introduce it to Mainers who have not heard of it yet.

Watcher is a program for paying members who can receive Pocket Queries (GPX files). It is being developed by a geocacher named Clayjar, who also runs the Geocaching IRC channel (IRC users can join #Geocache on; or there is a java applet at )

Watcher is a program which allows the user to view cache listings offline, and sort and/or filter by just about every factor imaginable, including distance, cache rating, last found/placed, cache tpe, cache size, found/unfound - you name it!. For us dial up users, it is a great time saver and saves some load on's servers. You can print cache pages or cache lists.

With any luck Watcher will eventually be able to upload to your GPS, which will be an added bonus. Several other features are on the drawing board. Watcher is free, but if you really like it, it would be nice to paypal ClayJar a donation via the link in the software.

Watcher can be downloaded from
Any questions, requests or comments are welcome - feel free to ask me here or check and see if either ClayJar or I are in chat and ask there.