Well after having it a few weeks, I decided that a palm isn't for me and I'm going to get another laptop instead. (I came to this realization while using the wirless keyboard (because my handwriting and the Palm don't quite agree on things) That everything I'm doing with the palm would be much easier with a laptop, most of the stuff I do with it is in the word and excel programs. I've used it a few times for caching and realized that I'm still not reading the descriptions and clues anyways, and half the time I leave it in the car only to have to go back and read the cache page (as usual...) So here it is, the bargin of the week...

- The Palm TX (With a hardcase, that has proven a very good investment)
- Wireless keyboard & stand
- USB Bluetooth adapter (Plugs into PC for internet access on your palm)
- 2GB storage card
- Merriam Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus
- Game Essentials (Sim city, Mah Jong, ect...)
- It also has a 2 year warranty through staples

All for just the price I paid for the TX which was $400