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Thread: IMG code?

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighterjake View Post
    But did you ever play Pong or Space Invaders/Pac Man/Donkey Kong in the arcades?
    Yes I did, one of my favorite pasttimes was hangin out at the Y and usefully spending as many quarters as I possibly could. Donkey Kong was a favorite, and they had the newest version of Centipede! My favorite mexican resturaunt had both donkey kong and pacman (the flat tables that you could sit down at to play) the local arcade was mostly pinball machines, skeeball, and those high tech video games with the scrolling background (can't remeber any of them specifically but they all had either axe, dungeon, or master in the title..)

    space invaders we had on the atari with our other hi tech favorite... Asteroids!
    Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.

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    I still play pachinko.

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