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Thread: RE: Missing PQs

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    I haven't had any trouble getting any PQs, but last week I got 8 PQs within an hour. Usually there is a message saying I have exceeded my limit, but not that day. I deleted 3 and created 5 new ones, and somehow got all 8. All I can figure is I deleted the 3 at the same time they were being processed, so they gave me the 5 as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighterjake View Post
    ......those darn micros do tax me.
    You won't want to cache in Florida! I went while I was there recently and most every cache in the area was a micro. I thought, what the heck I'll go anyway. My mother was with me and is convinved that I will die at some point while caching. She must have told me 10 times in the span of 10 minutes to watch out there could be snakes. I ended up leaving the cache seeking out of the trip and waiting until I returned home where I find it much more enjoyable.
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