We need feedback on the kayak trip on Sunday following the Pig Roast. The only thing to keep in mind is that I need to be back home early enough to clean out the pig roaster to return it Monday morning.

Here was what we were going to post in the write-up. If anyone else has any suggestion please post them. I would like it to be fairly close though.

Oh, and we have removed the rapids from the trip.

We are putting together a small paddling trip on Cobbosseecontee Stream and heading to Pleasant Pond.

Where we decide to put our water crafts in will decide on how long of a paddle it will be. The paddle could be as short as 2 miles to Pleasant Pond and then back or it could be as long at 6 miles to Pleasant Pond and then back. There are even options for those that want to make it longer then this. They could paddle to Gardiner to they could paddle to the south end of Pleasant Pond. Either way there are options for everyone, whether it be a short paddle or a long one.