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Younger . . . don't you mean "fatter?" For some reason everyone seems to have preconceived notions of what I look like.

For the record I've never made baked beans, but I have attempted to make strombi (Velveeta cheese, hamburger, onions and peppers) which is a firehouse favorite here.

OK, enough about me . . . we now return you to the regularly scheduled programming and the original thread about the Pig Roast . . . and to get back on topic.
Yum, that sounds good right about now. Strombi, is that what it's called or did you make that name up?

Oh come on, one "slip" down the slip n slide with "Dawn" and you will fit right in and be the talk of the event. Like others are saying, no need to be shy, we are all friends and we would love to see you there!! Sprout your wings Mr. Firefighter Jake, come to where the pink flamingos, green doors and Dawn welcome you!!!

team teebow 2 (Cheryl)