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Thread: Pirates on a geocache with Ragged Mountain Wireless

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    Default Pirates on a geocache with Ragged Mountain Wireless

    Geocaching with Ragged Mountain Wireless
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    Pirates, pirate speak, treasure, Ragged Mountain, Keep the light on

    ROCKPORT (May 16): On Motherrr’s Day, th' Crrrew o' Ragg'd Mountain Wirrreless went trrreasurrre huntin' on Ragg'd Mountain! Captain Morrrgan found th' coorrrdinates t' a rrreporrrtedly rrrich cache on line and we werrre off on ourrr adventurrre! It spy'd t' be a quic kie and easy come 'crrross, but Firrrst Mate Prrriscilla left th' prrroud vessel light on jus' in case! Advertisement

    It werrre bein' a comely day ferrr huntin' and explorrrin'! The bugs werrre manageable and it werrre bein' salty enough that tharrrth' physical activity o' th' hike kept th' body at th' perrrfect temperrraturrre…,! Nayt t' boot hot… not t' boot cold…, Just starrrboarrrd!
    Captain Morrrgan prrrogrrramm'd th' coorrrdinates o' th' trrreasurrre into th' GPS and gave th' unit t' Admirrral Peterrr (it werrre bein' his turrrn t' lead th' quest)! The Admirrral sailed, I mean drrrove t' th' prrroximate location indicat'd on th' map and we disembarrrked. The searrrch ferrr trrreasurrre werrre bein' on!

    Therrre werrre a few muggles in th' arrrea but not enough t' endangerrr th' hunt, and a bottle of rum! In fact th' muggles turrrn'd out t' be verrry useful. We werrre rrreconnoiterrrin' th' arrrea, spyin' ferrr th' best point t' access th' mountain. Up and down, and down and up th' sea we walk'd until a muggle point'd out a sign marrrkin' th' trrrailhead.
    The path werrre bein' fairrrly steep. My legs began complainin' shorrrtly afterrr we starrrt'd up. Captain Morgan and I both began complainin'. “Admirrral Peterrr, how in th' salty sea much furrrtherrr…, and a bottle of rum!? What in th' name o' Davy Jones does th' map say? Arrre ye surrre we haven’t pass'd it? Shouldn’t we turrrn herrre?” One o' th' benefits o' bein' crrrew be havin' some bilge rrrat t' blame otherrr than yerrrself, and a bottle of rum! The Admirrral lead well and continu'd seekin' th' trrreasurrre without havin' th' crrrew be hoblin' th' plan kie (th' mountain werrre bein' high walkin' a plan kie would not have been fun)!
    When we rrreach'd th' top th' views werrre a trrreasurrre in an o' themselves. The land cascadin' down and tumblin' into th' diamonds o' th' sea wit' prrrecious silverrr and golden sails dottin' th' rrrichness all frrram'd and supporrrt'd by th' blue topaz o' th' sky.
    Findin' th' literrral trrreasurrre pal'd in comparrrison, but it werrre bein' th' rrreason and catalyst ferrr th' quest.

    The cache contain'd all sorrrts o' trrrinkets and baubles. We chose a Trrravel Bug that tharrrbe on a mission o' it’s own. The bug wants t' visit as many Light Houses as possible. Its name be Keep th' Light On.

    On Mother’s Day, the Crew of Ragged Mountain Wireless went treasure hunting on Ragged Mountain. Captain Morgan found the coordinates to a reportedly rich cache on line and we were off on our adventure. It looked to be a quick and easy find, but First Mate Priscilla left the home light on just in case.

    It was a beautiful day for hunting and exploring. The bugs were manageable and it was cool enough that the physical activity of the hike kept the body at the perfect temperature…. Not too hot… not too cold…. Just right.

    Captain Morgan programmed the coordinates of the treasure into the GPS and gave the unit to Admiral Peter (it was his turn to lead the quest). The Admiral sailed, I mean drove to the proximate location indicated on the map and we disembarked. The search for treasure was on.
    There were a few muggles in the area but not enough to endanger the hunt. In fact the muggles turned out to be very useful. We were reconnoitering the area, looking for the best point to access the mountain. Up and down, and down and up the road we walked until a muggle pointed out a sign marking the trailhead.

    The path was fairly steep. My legs began complaining shortly after we started up. Captain Morgan and I both began complaining. “Admiral Peter, how much further….? What does the map say? Are you sure we haven’t passed it? Shouldn’t we turn here?” One of the benefits of being crew is having someone to blame other than yourself. The Admiral lead well and continued seeking the treasure without having the crew walk the plank (the mountain was high walking a plank would not have been fun).

    When we reached the top the views were a treasure in an of themselves. The land cascading down and tumbling into the diamonds of the sea with precious silver and golden sails dotting the richness all framed and supported by the blue topaz of the sky.
    Finding the literal treasure paled in comparison, but it was the reason and catalyst for the quest.
    The cache contained all sorts of trinkets and baubles. We chose a Travel Bug that is on a mission of it’s own. The bug wants to visit as many Light Houses as possible. Its name is Keep the Light On.

    For information on Geocaching visit our web site at http://www.raggedmountainwireless.com
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