Are you familiar with TAT's Tidal Cache in Scarborough?
Here is the link on

The goal is to get to the coordinates listed or get as close as possible. The challenge is that it is best done at the lowest of low tides which only occur a couple of times a year. Next opportunity.........January 11, 2005 at 5:42pm when the tide is -1.8 feet.

Pinepoint mentioned the date on a log that he made for the cache in August and indicated that he would try again in January (and bring hot chocolate if others wanted to join him.....mmmmmm). YOP picked up on that idea and has been diligently plotting a trip to the cache. Since the time of low tide will be after dark on the 11th, he will be going to the location on the 9th to check out the best approach and will also be researching the parking options (not the best in the summer at least - perhaps now is better).

At this point, a few of us have joined in on the trip plan (YOP, GeoMaine, GeoTyger, flwrldy and her buds, we hope Pinepoint, and me). We welcome others and thought this might be a great way to let everyone know what is in the works. We can also consider submitting a request for a group cache event and trade TB's, go somewhere for a hot chocolate after, or whatever - very informal.

Care to join us?
Thoughts about making it an event?