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Thread: Slipping into Summer Event 2007, Most Useless Geocaching Gear Contest

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    Default Slipping into Summer Event 2007, Most Useless Geocaching Gear Contest

    For the Slipping into Summer Event 2007 we have added a new item to the day’s events. I don’t know what to title it yet, so until I can come up with a name we will call it The Most Useless Geocaching Gear Contest. I would like to use another name seeing this name is something similar to another event I attend. Here is how it works.

    It is a contest and to enter you must present a piece of gear to the audience and sell this piece of gear to the audience. I do not mean you have to actually sell it. I mean you have to buy the audience over with it. There is not limit to how many entries there are. The person will come out and present the gear to the audience and explain its uses and usefulness to everyone and explain what is so great about this piece of gear. There will only one entry that wins the contest, but there will be runners ups. Some type of prize will be awarded.

    Oh, did I mention that this is not an actual piece of useful gear that we use Geocaching. It is a gag contest, which means that it is a new piece of gear that you much invent and present to the audience. This is all in fun and a gag.

    An example would be a ball cap with an antenna mount on it that you could attach an antenna to for you GPS. It would be something comical that most normal people would not actually use.

    This event will be held sometime during the end of the day. We have no set time yet.

    All entries will be placed in a tent out of view from the audience until it is time for there presentation and only at this time will other be able to see it.
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