Well, it looks great for having a downeast adventure this year. And not only can it just be an off-road adventure, but it can be a canoe/kyak/boat/hike/atv/or sit around the campfire adventure weekend!!

Stef and I went up this weekend to do a little recon for the adventure, and it started out like any other adventure (meaning that it started out terrible...) First the A/C in the jeep died (it appears to be the clutch on the compressor, and it gets loud...) Second every single primitive site that we went to from west lake up to duck pond and middle unknown pond were packed shoulder to shoulder... We finally found a windy spot on the beach of middle unkown, the neighbor had the radio in his truck blaring TOS, but it was just one guy in the afternoon enjoyin himself, no big deal... so we setup the tent (in very windy conditions) and soon they came... ATVs, lots of them... so given my camping intuition we packed up in less than 5 minutes and we're on the road (sound familiar??) We stopped for lunch and weighed our options, just about every site on map within a 50 mile radius was taken up or undesirable... So feeling conquered and staring at the map I saw a little number by a tent... what's this?? a campground!! we called the number in the atlas... no answer, so for our one last attempt for survival we ventured off towards topsfield in hopes of finding a beacon in the dark... and boy did we find it!!!

The Maine Wilderness Campground: Set back in the woods about 3 miles, has everything from camper hookups, cabins, tent sites, boat, canoe, and kyak rentals, docks, a beach for swimming, surrounded by lots of forest, atv trails, and loons! (they're also open year round! winter event!!) The nice lady that runs the place (Charolette) lives there with her family (off the grid, year round) And was very welcoming of the idea about having our group stay a weekend up there!

Now all we need to do is set a date!

(we're also going to try and do another trip up there to place a few caches in the area)