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I'm planning on heading up Friday morning (caching along the way) so I'm afraid I can't offer Rick a ride . . . well I mean I could offer him a ride, but it looks like he will not be able to take advantage of the offer.

Incidentally, how many cords of wood do you suppose we need?

Also, is there anything I should know/tell the folks at the Campground since it sounds as though I may get there before you.

Finally, if anyone is interested I will have plenty of space in the 4Runner if anyone needs a ride there or a ride once you get there.
Well, as you go into the campsite, the road (the only road) takes you right to the office, go inside and tell the manager (the lady that lives there) charolette, that you are with Mr. McGarvey in suite #1 (or just tell her your with aaron way in the back...)

I'd say 3 cords should get us through the first night... (just kiddin, but keep in mind, well be stayin 2 nights, and usin it to cook over, and also that stef is a pyro...)

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I don't think I would have a prob leaving Saturday, Rick. My only caveat at all is the remote possibility that the Jeep is not ready. I think we'll be good to go, but there may be bugs to work out after all the work that has been done. I should know better next week.
Do what I do... carry lots of tools and spare parts...