I had initially thought I would be able to have this summer's kayak event in Stonington on the weekend of July 28. Turns out, I have photography committments for a 50th wedding anniversary that weekend and won't be able to go north that weekend after all.

That leaves just one weekend the rest of the summer for me to host the event - August 11th. I'd like to determine if there's enough interest in having the event on Saturday, 8/11. We'd be having the site on Friday night and Saturday night for those that want to camp on either or both nights.

If you'd like to attend the kayak event on 8/11, please post a reply to the thread along with what you might do for camping. This is not a committment on your part, just an indication of interest.

If another weekend works better for everyone, then by all means, please move the event but we'll have to have another host (which is okay by me, just so you know...)

Thanks, Barry