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Thread: Boothbay Area - End of June

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    Default Boothbay Area - End of June

    Howdy folks. This is my 1st post on these boards.

    I'll be in South Bristol during the last week of June, and am looking for some cache recommendations. Iím especially interested in custom designed containers and/or unique locations.

    And if there are any Events in the general area, please let me know. It would be great to meet some fellow obsessives!


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    Just about all the preserves that are owned by the Boothbay Region Land trusts have caches that have been adopted by them and they now are stewards of them all. They are all beautiful and well cared for.I don't think that there are any events other than the Pig Roast this weekend but keep checking the Maine page, one never knows.

    And you won't find any LPC's down in that area either, most are all nice scenic walks along coastal trails which will bring you to some very beautiful areas
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    Welcome to Maine! Like Haffy said, there are a lot of great caches in that area and it's one of the best areas on the coast to see! Two If By Sea is one of my favorites, but it's tough to get with out a boat.

    All of the Pike Patrol caches that I did were beautiful!

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