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Just two days ago I left a cache in China. About two miles down the road I realized that I did not have my GPS. I imediately turned around and headed back to the cache site to grab it. When I got back there it was still sitting on my trunk where I had signed the log. I wacked myself on the side of the head twice.

I think I would loose what little mind I have left if I had to go any length of time without my GPS.

Oh yes, let me introduce myself. I am PLMerry (aka Pete) up here from Ohio for the next 7+/- weeks filling in for a local Pastor. Some of you might have seen me on you logs. If not I am sure you will.

Wow PLMerry, tough gig having to come to Maine for work during the best part of the year! (Though my other half, Hiram, would say winter is the best time. ) Hope you have fun caching!