As some of you already know, the Rescue Rangers have been working on a new cache series. Maine Natural and Unique Delorme College AS Degree Cache, GC13H9D has just been published!

Not long after I moved to Maine (over 30 years ago), I bought my first Delorme Atlas. Aside from the maps, the thing I liked most was the section describing the Natural and Unique Areas. It was the first time I'd ever heard of Gulf Hagas. My older brother and some friends took a motorcycle trip to see the gorge. Since then, I have tried to go to all of the Natural and Unique areas.

Now, there’s some added incentive!!

Currently, there are caches in 14 of the 70 areas. We are hoping that more caches will be placed. The cache idea specifically encourages EarthCaches as the some of the areas are quite sensitive.

Who will be first to complete this challenge! (On a side note, the words "complete" and "finish" are not mentioned in the cache, so feel free to celebrate your challenge any way you want!)

If you notice any errors or have any questions or suggestions, please let the Rescue_Rangers know.

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