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Thread: What am I dogin wrong? Easy GPS Help

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    Default What am I dogin wrong? Easy GPS Help

    So I am trying to figure out this easy gps system... and I download the caches I want and it comes on my gps, the geocache id as the cache name and the cache name in the note box... (I have a garmin 60csx)
    So in easy gps -- I went to Edit, preferences, my gps recievers tab, geocaching -- and for the waypoint I put geocache name and for the comment I put geocache name (decrypted) but it is still doing the same thing.... so I am re-typing everything which is a hassle... like I was doing before. Any help is appriciated.
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    I can't use the newest version of EasyGps since I am still on Win98, but if I had to guess it is because you are using .loc files instead of .gpx?

    LOC files only contain primary information, like name, coordinates, and description. GPX files contain cache description, hints, and the past 5 logs as well as any logs you made to the cache.

    In order to get the GPX files, you'll have to go to each cache page and download the GPX file for each individual cache. That's where premium membership comes in, you can get the Pocket queries that have the caches you want all in one file.It might be worth your while on this trip you're making to pay a $3 membership for a month and try PQs out. odds are you'll pay for a year next time, you'll never go back to doing them one at a time. It's like going from Volkswagon to a Dodge!

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