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Thread: Where is Your Bug?

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    Smile Just a thought...

    How about a private tour of Winterport Winery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhereRWe?
    Bugman - if you like brewpubs like we do (and we've vivited MANY), you might want to visit the Moosehead Brewery in St. John, New Brunswick. Probably the best brewery tour we've ever been on. And at the end, you get to sample ANY and/or ALL of their 10 products.

    If you visit in summer, you'd best make reservations for the tour, and the frequent cruise ship visits fill up the tours REAL fast.
    Thanks for the tip!

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    Default The Craven Ride

    Found out my travel bug, The Craven Ride was picked up by a cacher that was supposed to have breakfast with Ricky this morning. The TB's mission is to be autographed by him. With Daytona and the truck races starting just around the corner, this is very exciting!

    Next thing is if it in fact does get autographed, I need to trust in my fellow cachers from there back to Maine in order to get it home safely! Only time will tell.

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    Post Florida trip

    My navigator and I will be in Fla in April. We will certainly keep our eyes open to see if it gets dropped off there.
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    Default refueler bug

    I don't remember the specifics of the coolest travel bug I had ever seen, but I do remember seing a photo of him on the website, and it was taken from the rear window of an airforce refueling jet as it was refueling a stealth bomber. The travel bug was siting on the window sill facing the refueler as he operated the controls. That's some serious travel-bugging.
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