Hi - My name is Dave Rinke (My geocaching handle is FireRef). I have a travel bug that was left in a cache called Bog Road Cache. (GCNJHE) It has been disabled by the owner, along with all of their other caches, due to not having enough time to cache. It has not been archived. The owner's email doesn't work, so I have resorted to contacting cachers who have found it recently. This website was suggested as another approach to see if anyone could check it out for me.

I am not familiar with the area, as I live approximately 550 miles away. It appears to be near East Benton.

I am asking if anyone nearby to this location could check it out, and see if they could get my travel bug moving again. It was the only one listed in the cache. It is part of a set of 4 that I set out, and although it is possible to replace, I would rather not if I don't have to. It would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance for anyone who is willing to help!

Dave Rinke