Like Tails and Trails I to have just busted on in. Some of you might have seen me in your logs of replies that I have all ready posted.

I will be here in OH for the next 7+/1 weeks. I am filling in for a paster that is on leave and will be heading back to seminary in OH and hopefully a full-time job. My wife and kids like to eat after all.

I am looking for three geocaching activities while I am up here.

1. Horseback caching, or anyone that will let a TX cowboy trail ride a horse or even just visit some. Yeah I know I said I am from OH, but I moved there to attend seminary, and yes I grew up in CT, but the US Army thought I needed to be in Corpus Christi, TX for 5 years. As far as the cowboy part I've worn boot and a hat for 16 years and have ridden in 13 states (including ME about 20 years ago) and two providences.

2. I need some one who is interested in do some remote, and/or mountain top caches with me colminating with the Katadin (Baxter Peak) cache and take a stoll ove to Pamola peak if not to windy. I normally cache alone, but for safties sake I would rather not head into cellular free zones all alone.

3. I am looking for Coffee, Pizza or other group events. I would be interested in the Geocaching trip to Canada. Unfortunately that event is on the 23rd which if my memory serves me correct is a Sunday. That is a bad day since my only reason for being here is to preach on Sundays.

Oh yeah, for the record I am male and 39+ (no I am not 40, yet.....) so any female geocachers in their low 20's would be nice. Only kidding!!!! Please do not take that seriously, after all I am mariied (very happily) with two teenagers.

If interested I could create and event cache and have you all come to hear me preach. Not that I want to scare any of you off and Jake probably still would not show up.

Hope to see you on the hunt.