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Slightly off-topic: I was reading an article a while back - I wish I knew the magazine and date so I could have a copy as it was interesting. Anyway, they were talking about these people who surveyed maps and aerials of Maine to find where the most remote spot was (remote meaning the longest distance from any road or trail). IIRC, the longest I they could find was only about 5 miles! We think of maine as being remote, but there are lot of trails and many miles of logging roads - I think he same article was stating we have more miles of logging roads than paved roads, highest percentage in the U.S..

More on-topic: There is a way to make a mandated longer drive to an event - make it a multi! I know Rick don't care for them as much, but you could have coords to different spots to get you to the actual event. It could even be markers where you need to turn. I bet I could do a good job out near my old house... hmmm... I refuse to host an event, but I might be willing to help anyone out there. I think I could make a decent multicache 4WD trip from Old Town about 10 miles crossing a stream and few puddles and some rougher rocky stuff having the event on a mountaintop with a great view. The good part about it would be once you are finished it would be a 1.5 mile drive to paved road to go home.
Sounds like that could be quite fun Dave . . . maybe someone else in the area might run with that idea at some point or it could be Tread Lightly 2008: The Old Town Odyssey (aka Hiram Loses Even More Parts on His Jeep) Event.