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. . . I'm thinking one f those throw-away cell phones, flare gun, cold weather survival suit, etc. . . . of course these prizes will only go out to Jeep owners . . . well Jeep owners and Magellan users.
lol, why does that all sound like stuff you can take from the fire station...

i was thinkin stuff along those lines (off road/adventure oriented) maybe get tow straps (for being towed) for non jeep owners and pull straps (for pulling) for the jeep owners... awww jeeze... why don't ya just get AAA memberships... lol, I haven't looked into it yet, but I was thinking one of those jump start emergency kits, that has the battery booster and roadside emergency stuff in it, I think I saw them at cabelas a few months back for pretty cheap. Map & Compass would be good for the magellan users (but they would have to come with very detailed instructions...)