Here is something I brought up to the Geocaching Maine advisory board and they all agreed that it should be brought up to the members of Geocaching Maine.

I was thinking since we do not charge dues or have any overhead right now for Geocaching Maine that it might be an idea to try to accumulate a little money to put aside for some special things we may want to do in the future. I figured the money would not be used for putting together any personally events or for the web site. It would be for special things in the future. An example would be something like having a Geocaching Maine banner or something like that made up, I am not saying we need a banner but I just used that as a sample. I am sure there are other things we may need money for at a future date.

I think a good start would be to add $1 to the price of the upcoming Maine geocoins. I think $1 is a fair price to ask. This would put $1 for every coin we sold into the bank for us later. This is just an idea. I would like to here what everyone else thinks about this without getting into the details of the bank account and all that. I just wanted to see if I could get people to understand where I am coming from and maybe agree with me.