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Thread: When would you remove one of your caches?

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    Question When would you remove one of your caches?

    Forget about all of the obvious reasons. What I'm curious about is, assuming there is nothing wrong with the cache or the location or your ability to maintain it and no one has asked you to remove it, when do you feel it is okay for an owner to just remove and archive one of their caches?

    My opinion is practically never. This hasn't been an issue around this area yet, not that I've seen. But I've seen it elsewhere that it is not uncommon for a cache owner to remove and archive a cache just because they're bored with it or they feel it's run it course or lived out its usefulness.

    In my opinion once the cache is posted, approved, and active for all the world to see it, it stops being just yours. It becomes something more. In a way it becomes the property of and a part of the geocaching community as a whole. It is out there for all to see and it may hold special expectations for another geocacher who has yet to find it. It may also hold special memories for those geocachers who have done it and hope to share it someday with others who haven't .

    So what do you think, is it acceptable for an owner to just up and remove a cache?

    -Team Trout
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