The Advisory Board has come to a decision on the organizational structure of the board. The decision took longer than was originally planned, but it was beneficial to the decision. This extra time gave us the opportunity to find what we think is the most effective way to manage the board without spending more time electing members than enjoying the site and caching.

A few questions have been raised concerning Haffy's position now that he has moved to South Carolina. Following our new policy, he will be replaced in the near future and a replacement will be found, and we are happy that for the time being Haffy will remain in his position to help the board with that process.

Below is the new policy for organizational structure; it can also be found at any time in the About Geocaching Maine section of the web site. Please keep replies to this thread on the topic of the new policy.

Eligibility: To be eligible to participate as an Advisory Board member, the person must be an active participant as well as an active Maine cacher who has general knowledge of laws and practices that pertain to caching in Maine. This includes non-residents but the cacher must spend more time caching in Maine than occasional vacations. Current board members are eligible for re-election. The current board shall decide whether a particular person meets these eligibility requirements or not.

Office Terms: Advisory Board members terms shall be in two year intervals ending December of even numbered years, and will be up for review at that time.

Board Reviews: In the beginning of November of even numbered years, a poll will be posted to the site asking the membership if they would like to keep the board members as is or or elections should be held to refresh the board.

Elections: Names of those interested in participating in the advisory board will be collected in the first week of December and voting will be held the last three weeks of December. The current board will decide on the method to collect, count and validate the votes. All members will be allowed one vote. The votes will be tallied at the first of January and the board will be refreshed at that time.

Vacancies: If a board member steps down or is removed from their position, the current board shall choose an eligible and willing member to take that persons seat. The membership shall be informed of this change at the time the change is finalized.

Dismissal: If at any time the board feels that one of the board members should be dismissed for not meeting eligibility requirements or for not contributing to the site and/or the sport as expected, they will discus and resolve the issue in a timely and fair manner. In the event the board member is dismissed, practices for board vacancies will be followed.