GEEEESH, WhereRWe.........are you afraid that the rest of the 49 states will discover your secrets of being a Mainer?
I will never be a true Mainer, but only a displaced Western NYer who has discovered the joys and beauties of your lovely state!
AND, I do love this site and the message boards, and am so happy I found you all ......... you are so helpful and actually answer my questions in little words that I can understand! After all, I teach first grade, so all the little words are right up my alley!!

Here's another "dumb" question.....when we actually find a cache (which I'm hoping we do), I would go to the geocaching. com site and log that we've found it, right?
And, eventually, if we get brave enough to place some caches around home I could go there and enter them too?
By the way, if you ever get the chance to visit Buffalo and the surrounding areas, I would highly recommend giving US a try. We have lots of open country down here to the south of the city which I have loved, too, for my whole life! You may want to start out in the summer or fall, NOT during the Lake Effect Snow season though!!