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Thread: A little help for a DUMB MOM

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    Default Acadia National Park

    We just returned from a week of Camping on MDI. We managed to complete our finds of every cache on the island (as of 7/15/07). The ANP (Acadia National Park) earthcache program was exceptional and a great way to learn about the geology of the park. The "Maine Rose" series of caches in that area will take you to some breathtakingly beautiful spots with some very easy finds that just need a signature on the log (no trades needed). You're going to have a great time!! Welcome to GCMaine and have a great vacation!
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    OH MAAAAAAAN....just hearing all about my favorite island is getting me so psyched for our trip! We've done the "excellent" chocolate shoppe, and YES.....sawyers!! We also love the place near the village green in Bar Harbor with the HUGE ice cream cone scoops! Last year, we also discovered Poor Boy's Gourmet, which was a very economical dinner out for a family of 5 since we went at the Early Bird times!! This is our first time that we'll be spending 2 weeks, so I'm really going to start lobbying for a trip to Stonington!! I'm so glad to hear that the Earthcache is so worthwhile! It's going to be a TERRIFIC always, but with the help of all the wonderful people here, I am certain that we are going to discover a new "family" hobby!!!!
    By the way........ we always go during the last week of July/first week of August because we get to celebrate 3 family birthdays and our anniversary - which always means at least ONE fabulous dinner out and 3 trips for ice cream!!!
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