Our family road trips are normally punctuated by arguments between driver (me) and navigator (wife, who can't properly read a map). So, to decrease strife, and increase marital tranquility, I picked up one of these:

Now we've tried vehicular navigation with the Sportrack, with and without a laptop attached, and I must say that this is just so far above and beyond that there is no comparison. It can be used "hand-held" as well, but I think we'll retain the Sportrack for Geocaching activities.

I am very impressed with the speed that this gets a lock--the new Sirf III chip really makes a difference. There seems to be on lag time to get a fix, and none of the infamous sling-shot effect. A nice female voice cheerfully announced each upcoming turn and the display is big and bright. Of course, it has blue-tooth, an FM transmitter for traffic reports and an SD card slot.