How exciting to have 2 back to back events in the Bangor area!

Brad and I had several discussions about the kayak event when it didn't get posted and things fell apart for Barry. Nothing we seemed to think of worked out. At GW5, we Maine folk had also discussed there are not a lot of events North of Augusta. Sitting on my deck, Brad and I both said - humm, a nice place to camp, why not have one here.

Having a hubby who is not a camper, a very private person, as well as a new dog presented some hurdles. With the rental of a port-a-pottie and some assurances he said, "honey, you want to do it - go for it". So, today I posted the event and it was published.

I want everyone to know they are welcome. We have a spacious back yard and want you to come, spend the night and have a wonderful time. As folks post attendance intentions, I will email them all. Friday night is open too (just not as an event) if you would like to land in the area early, claim your space and put up your tent, go for it. Just PM me to let me know and please no arrivals later than 10PM.

I do not have an outdoor frig like Rick but we can get ice at the store. Plan accordingly for your food. I do have an outdoor grill.

Will put up some shelter (ez-e-ups) and folks are welcome to use my hot tub. Anyone with a dog, just keep them on a leash or under voice command as there are horses in the field above and our new dog is a tad shy and will be put in her run for pottie time.

Questions, concerns - please ask. No question is to odd. One cache close to us is at a Penobscot River Boat launch so anyone wanting to try their hand at boating on the river, we are close. There are new caches being published in Orrington, too.

If there is anyone who would like to come and absolutely does not have a tent, I have a small one and a larger one which I am willing to put up if you PM me. So no excuse!

Come for a short time, too. Don't forget the geocache container swap. I am planning on having some 35mm film cannisters and other stuff. Everyone bring something - containers (camoed or not), swag, writting implements and what have you to swap/trade.

Hope to see you on 9/8 either in Hampden or here in Orrington!