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I have "The Moxie Bug" traveling around - currently in Alabama. Some time ago, a cacher in Michigan had it and emailed me asking about Moxie. I, being a nice guy, offered to send them a can of Moxie. They accepted the offer, I spent $5 to send it, but never heard from them again - not even a 'thank you".

(Oh - and I just checked. "The Moxie Bug" is not located in the cache it's listed in. Seems many other TB's have vanished from that cache as well...)

Well, d'uh Bruce . . . poor guy probably took one swig of that Moxie thinking it was orange soda and then thought you were trying to poison him. No wonder you never heard from him again.

Like many things in life, Moxie is most definitely an acquired taste . . . I love the stuff personally and find it to be one of the more refreshing sodas, but I dislike the diet stuff (unlike other diet sodas) so I only drink the real McCoy once in a blue moon (about as often as I drink Woodchuck Ciders) so they're a real treat.