Thank You for your comment and words of encouragement and posting them. You truly are a healer in many ways and I appreciate this.
I am new ,only heard about it on Thanksgiving of 2007 and I don't have a vehicle right now so I've only been able to do the caches closer to home and only have 7 finds so far. With summer coming I will be able to get out more. That is why I placed my cache where it is. I like doing caches with TBs in them because I like to watch their travel and have released several TBs as you know. Thanx to you and Tat and Kacky and Holoora ,My Brother and others,they are all In Transit. I'm sure I'll be disappointed if they should come up missing but I won't be the first or last. And I have rescued trapped TBs and Left them in my easy to get cache just to keep them moving. I know how important it is to cachers , like me, who have spent the money to get TBs and Cool hitchhikers and send them on missions. I love finding caches and had found several with my brother before I became a member, But Instead of cheating and just logging them I want to go back after the snow redicover them, SL, and then take credit for them. Again , Thank YOu and I will Cache on ...