Here’s the update on the event that I brought up in another thread here. I thought I would start a new thread since it is getting closer and I need to start working out the details so I can post it soon if it is going to fall into place.

We are still in the planning stages for this event. If we are going to have it then it will be on one of these two weekends in October, 6/7 or 13/14.

We are going to make it a Halloween event. Similar to the Halloween event we had in 2005 called, Halloween Havoc 2005 "The Beginning".

Goal #1. To make the event interactive for everyone. This means that we are going to encourage everyone to wear some type of costume. It is not required but we will highly encourage it. You do not have to wear the costume for the whole day during the event. We are only going to request that you wear it for about one hour during the day for the costume judging because there will be prizes for the best costume and other things to that effect.

Even though this is a Halloween event we are thinking of making it a themed event. Something to the effect of, Halloween Havoc 2007 "Pirate Plunder”.

Goal #2. Try to encourage people to spend the night. The event will only get better when it gets dark. We are hoping to have two wood walks after it gets dark. The first walk will be about an hour or so after it gets dark. The second one will be somewhere around 11 or midnight (the witching hour), when our woods starts bring out the goblins and weirdo’s.

Goal #3. Have some type of events for the kids during the day the keep them busy and occupied and happy. To answer the questions before anyone ask. No we are not going to set up the slip-n-slide in October. We can use help with this so if anyone wants to help please let me k now.

This we are working out right now and need to fine tune before we commit to this.

What weekend will be best for everyone? I need to get that decided first because I will be taking the previous week off to get things set up for this event. In that respect if anyone wants to help set up the event during the week prior to the event date please let me know. I want to set up a good night woods walk.

We need to work out what we are going to have for food for this event. It would be nice to have another pig roast but two in one year would be overdoing it. We could have a pot luck but that always seems to be a pain organizing it. We are trying to find some type of food we can cook and not have to stand in front of the grill all day. The pig was nice because once you put it on to cook you don’t have to worry about it until it is done. We do not want to be standing in front of the grill cooking all day. So if anyone has any ideas please let us know.

We will have a campfire that night provided it is not to windy.

Any other ideas or suggestions are more them welcome. We want to make this a fun and welcoming event for all.